Exterior, Nigeria

Exterior Nigeria Companies Worldwide
  • Manufactures removable hardtop accessories, such as hoists, carriers and covers.
  • Manufactures soft tops, top insulation, and seat covers for Jeeps and Mustangs.
  • Manufactures wiper blade inserts and refills for the automotive aftermarket. Brand names include Pylon PremiumPlus, Snow Blades, Lexor, Universal Blades.
  • Manufactures rearview mirrors of safety plastic lens. From China.
  • Manufactures badges, emblems for interior, exterior and steering wheel trim applications.
  • Manufactures autoglass. From China.
  • Manufactures replacement keys, locks and lock service parts.
  • Manufactures body pressings and assemblies for the automotive industry. From UK.
  • Makers of masking die-cuts and various masking applications.
  • Manufactures spoilers, wings, rear spoiler, fender flares, and door panels.
  • Manufactures for OEMs, stamped body parts and chassis, dies and jigs, and automobile assemblies.
  • Manufactures air dams, body styling kits, flares and wings for cars and trucks.
  • Manufactures rack products for vehicles.
  • Manufactures front bumpers, fender, rocker panel and grilles. From Taiwan.
  • Makers of custom graphics, roll labels, vehicle striping and decorative accents.
  • Manufactures hand sanding (Matting) paste for automotive applications.
  • Manufactures sliding aluminum windows for the automotive aftermarket and residential industries. From Mexico.
  • Manufactures laminations and coatings for use as interior and exterior automotive trim.
  • Manufactures wind and rain deflectors and bug deflectors.
  • Manufactures replacement Side View Mirrors.
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