The University of Nigeria was founded in 1960 by Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, an African legend, who was also Nigeria’s first president. The founding of the university was informed by the need to produce the highly skilled men and women that will fulfill the manpower needs of the newly independent Nigerian state. This unique circumstance of our birth as an institution informed the choice of our motto – to restore the dignity of man.Thus, since inception UNN has strived to be in the forefront of manpower training as well as research and development in the country. The main campus of the university is situated on the lush hills of Nsukka, a semi - urban town in present day Enugu state in South Eastern Nigeria. Nsukka is renowned for its unique weather, which sometimes mimics the temperate weather in coolness. UNN has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception 50 years. The student population has grown from 220 in 1960 to over 35,000, while the academic staff strength has grown from about 100 in 1960 to over 1,700. Similarly, the number of departments has grown from 6 in 1960 to 106 (in addition to 5 sub-departments), all contained within 16 faculties in contrast to the 2 faculties that existed at inception. In addition, there are 10 semi-autonomous institutes and research centres, a school of postgraduate studies and a school of general studies. The number of campuses has also grown from just one (Nsukka Campus) in 1960 to four, namely, Nsukka, Enugu, Ituku-Ozalla and Aba campuses.
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