Abrasive Grain, Nigeria

Abrasive Grain Nigeria Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of artificial corundum brown fused aluminum oxide for abrasive, refractory, metallurgic and ceramic applications.
  • Manufactures silicon carbide, boron carbide, aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina, alumina, tin oxide, cerium oxide and cryolite powders for use in grinding and polishing
  • Manufactures and exports black and green Silicon Carbide, fine powdered Silicon Carbide and Itaconic acid from China.
  • Supplies boron carbide, silicon carbide, CBN and polycrystalline structure synthetic diamond powders and diamond compounds from inventory.
  • Processor and distributor of ceramic powders for polishing compound, technical ceramic, metal matrix and composite manufacturers.
  • U.S. manufacturer of abrasive grain and fused minerals. Includes product listings and data sheets, company history and contact information.
  • Descriptive information (provided by the exporter located in Turkey) on abrasive raw material emery grains. Areas of use, pictures of different practices in the industry.
  • Offers sandblasting abrasives, with product details and online ordering. Colorado, USA.
  • Chinese manufacturer of abrasive grit and refractory materials used in bonded, coated and CBN abrasives as well as blasting media.
  • Chinese manufacturer of fused, low carbon, high aluminium corundum, zirconia-corundum, zirconium mullite and metallurgical materials. Company profile. products listing
  • German supplier of natural mineral abrasives such as garnet sand, garnet powder, ilmenite concentrate and ilmenite powder.