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  • Pennsylvania-based manufacturers of bone ash. Aluminum grade bone ash is used in aluminum smelting; synthetic grade for copper and brass.
  • China. Versatile manufacturers of textile and leather products from animal by-products. Tanneries for goat, pig and cow skins and hides for footwear, garments and
  • Bi-monthly trade magazine focusing on the rendering industry, recyclers of animal by-products.
  • Manufacturer and exporter of buffalo horn and bone products including horns and handles. Based in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
  • Institutes. Veterinary / Biological production and Animal Research institutes, Veterinary Biological product...Animal Health and Production |
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  • Art Technology We have cutting edge technology that is purpose built to deliver excellent products...Read more... Innovation and Customization Giving every
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  • 's Chamber is an incubator or better still a workshop where raw materials are turned into finished products
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