Diamond, Nigeria

Diamond Nigeria Companies Worldwide
  • Producers of diamond powder and diamond compound. Berkeley, CA.
  • Synthetic gem grade diamonds.
  • Industrial diamond micron, synthetic diamond, diamond saw blade, CBN, PCD, metal bond, resin bond 30-40 55-75 200/230 230/270.
  • Supplies industrial synthetic diamonds and cubic boron nitride (CBN) for resin and vitrified bond applications.
  • Manufacturer of diamond and CBN superabrasives, used in precision finishing applications, ranging from industrial grinding to micro fabrication polishing.
  • Supplies industrial diamonds and diamond cutting tools. India.
  • Produces synthetic diamonds and diamond-like products for the semiconductor and abrasives industries. View information on services and technology.
  • Produces customized industrial diamonds and black diamonds and diamond pearls for jewelry. Belgium.
  • Produces synthetic diamonds. Includes information on applications including optical windows, heatspreaders and wear resistant components.
  • Supplier of natural and synthetic diamonds specializing in polycrystalline diamond products for cutting and machining.
  • Grows and processes CVD diamond films for optical, thermal, microwave and wear part applications
  • Polishing, diamond discs; material quality and testing.
  • Manufacture a complete line of diamond polishing compounds and micron-sized diamond powders in both resin and metal-bond.
  • Supplier of natural and synthetic industrial diamond grits and powders.
  • Diamond and jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter in China.