Consulting, Nigeria

Consulting Nigeria Companies Worldwide
  • Turkey. Consultants to spunbond and meltblown fabric manufacturers. Equipment, applications and specification sheets. Technical support and advice on production
  • Germany. Project management and consulting for the nonwovens industry. Process design and engineering, plant layout, production and technology. Product design, market
  • India. Consultants to the nonwovens industry. Technology transfer and material sourcing. Marketing, import and export studies. Turnkey project management and technical
  • UK. Market and product development services to the global nonwovens and cellulosic fiber industries.
  • Technical consultant to the spunbond nonwovens industry. Plant checks, feasibility studies, retrofit design and midifocations. Turnkey services.
  • Bi-monthly publication for managers in the global nonwovens industry. Technical articles, editorials, and business news. On-line article archive on PDF files. From
  • USA. Management consultancy, specialized in the nonwovens and hygiene disposable industries, and related fields. Strategic planning, technology transfer, and financial
  • Spain. Industrial engineers and technical consultants to the technical textiles and nonwovens industries. Multi-lingual site.
  • USA. Technical consulting to the fiber and nonwovens industries. Polymer, process and product development. Specializing in spunbond technology for hygiene, medical,
  • Information paper about the raw material properties, manufacturing process, laboratory observations and clinical findings pertaining to wound dressings made of
  • Mexico. Technical consultants to the disposable baby and adult diapers, wipes and sanitary napkins industry. Also, diaper testing and factory audits. Directory of
  • UK. Consultants to the textile and nonwovens industries and their suppliers, specializing in strategy and marketing issues.
  • India. Group of engineering companies, specialising in yarn spinning, textile knitting, weaving and printing, and nonwovens processing technologies.
  • Canada. Project consultants to the spunbond and high-loft nonwovens and the polyurethane industries. Description of capabilities.